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Dougherty Family Apple Recipes

Andra Dougherty-Solis’s mother and great-grandmother compiled a collection of recipes from six generations of Doughertys. Here are some of the favorites that are still popular with Andra’s children:

Apple Pizza

Crust Ingredients

2 cups flour

½ cup oil

¼ cup water

pinch salt

Other Ingredients



1 cup sugar

¾ cup flour

½ cup butter

Mix the oil and water into flour and salt with fork. Roll between waxed paper and place on pizza pan. Flute edges high. Core and slice apples ½ inch thick with peeling and place on crust in two circles, one layer thick. Sprinkle ½ cup sugar and a little cinnamon over apples. Top with a crumble crust made from ½ cup sugar, ¾ cup flour and ½ cup butter. Bake in a 450 degree oven 20-25 minutes.

Fried Apples

Heat 2 tablespoons bacon drippings in skillet and add four cups sliced apples (unpeeled), ½ cup sugar, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon salt. Cover and cook five minutes until sugar liquifies. Remove lid and fry, stirring occasionally until tender and liquid is cooked away. To fry with sausages, remove sausages from pan and fry apple rings until done in sausage fat. Serve around the sausages.

Baked Apples with Raisins

Core six nice apples. Fill with seedless raisins and dust with cinnamon. Prick peel of apple with fork. Line pan with 1 tablespoon flour, 1 cup sugar, and ½ tablespoons butter rubber together. Place apples in pan and ½ cup water and bake slowly in a 325 to 350 degree oven until tender.

French Apple Pie Ingredients

1 unbaked pie shell

6 cups sliced apples

2/3 cups sugar

2 tablespoons flour

½ cup butter

½ cup brown sugar

1 cup flour

Put apples, granulated sugar, and the 2 tablespoons flour in pie shell. Mix butter, brown sugar, and 1 cup flour until it crumbles. Pour over apples and slightly pack. Bake in 450 degree over 15 minutes; reduce to 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. If it becomes too brown on top during baking, cover with foil for last few minutes.

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