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History of Dougherty Orchards

Family Traditions - Six Generations

The year was 1883 and William Henry Dougherty began harvesting and selling fruits from his 5 acre orchard containing 200 apple, cherry, and peach trees. His oldest son, Dolan, followed by his grandson, John "Clayton" and his wife Mabel continued to expand the orchard. In 1960, 4th Generation Arnold and his wife, Ann purchased the orchard. Under their 21 year ownership, planting was increased to sixty-five hundred trees on one hundred acres. In 1981, Arnold's son Sanford (Sandy) and wife Joan took over ownership. They continued the family traditions of quality products as well as adding a country store, petting farm and corn maze.  In 2004, oldest daughter Andra Dougherty-Solis and her two siblings inherited the orchard due to their parents untimely death.  In 2016, Andra and her husband Epifanio (JR) Solis took over sole ownership.

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